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Stretching exercises for bulging disk to help with the pain

Bulging disc is a very painful disorder, affecting almost every third person in America today.

Usually doctors recommend stretching exercises for bulging discs as these exercises aim to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles. Medicines are also prescribed by doctors depending on the severity of the disorder.

A bulging disc is also called herniated disc, in order to understand what bulging disc or herniated disc is we must first understand how it occurs. The spine is composed of a series of bones that join together to form the vertebrae (spinal column). These bones or vertebrae are cushioned or seperated by a kind of jelly like liquid that absorbs the shock of the bodies movement, so when the disc ruptures this liquid oozes out and is sometimes called a ruptured disc or herniated disc.  However this jelly like substance does not leak out but just a small bubble sticks out. However if the disc (bubble) protrudes into the spinal canal, this is what actually causes the pain. There could also by many other reasons for back pain such as arthritis, gout, pseudo-gout, sciatica etc.

Video stretching exercises:

Stretching exercises for bulging discs are recommended by most physiotherapists as this is the most pain less way of curing this condition.   Its recommend that if you experience a bulging disc that you perform stretching exercises.  Exercises such as yoga and various other stretching exercises can be performed to obtain relief.

Pain killers are also recommended by doctors for people who suffer from bulging discs. Its best to first visit a doctor when you experience a bulging disc as that would eliminate any possible causes for other diseases. Back pain is usually a sign of a different, underlying disease within your body.

Cortisone injections are prescribed by doctors as well as hot and cold treatment for a bulging disc. Pseudo-gout affects the parathyroid glands. This problem seems to be passed down from generation to generation. A bulging disc can affect both sides of the back and is not relative to only the left or right side.

In the condition of gout, uric acid can be found and often will develop between the joints. Different forms of gout can affect the spine causing severe back pain. However rheumatoid arthritis doesn’t really affect the back but it does affect the spine which is called myelopathy. These conditions can threaten your life and are serious enough that they should be checked immediately.

Yoga exercises that include knee lifts, pelvic twists, and knee rolls can be used to resolve back pain. The aim of these exercises is to strengthen stomach muscles to overcome the weakening of the back. Stretching exercises also help in increasing the blood circulation.  Learn more about lower back pain exercises.

Stretching exercises for a bulging disc is a great way to get relief but as with any stretching exercises we do advise you to be cautious and if possible seek professional help before performing stretching exercises.  Learn more about many different back pain exercise videos.

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