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Shoes That Prevent Back Pain

High heeled footwear that has tight heal cords increase the muscular effort. To avoid this situation, you need shoes that prevent back pain. Gait cycle is the process of the foot rolling over the heels to the forefoot. Improper heel heights and ill fitting shoes generally are the causes in impairing the gait cycle. This can cause an accentuation of lower back pain and neck pain.

Muscular Effort

High heeled footwear, tight heeled cords in footwear will make your walking similar to walking on your toes, increasing the muscular effort. It is necessary to understand that muscles controlling the foot and ankle, knees, hips and trunk have to work harder in such a situation. The leg venous pressure as compared to walking in barefoot will also increase with improper footwear.

If you are already suffering from back pain or neck pain (sciatica), you could even aggravate your suffering. Even if you are not suffering from back pain (slipped/ruptured/herniated disk) or neck pain, improper shoes on your foot can cause discomfort or pain. High heels particularly will cause the plantar pressure in the heel and midfoot shift to the medial (inner) forefoot increasing the vertical and forefoot ground reaction forces. Since you will be walking on your forefoot while wearing high heeled footwear, muscles have to contract with greater force.

Understanding your feet:

The feet form the most important component in the entire kinetic chain since they are the foundation of the structure. Most people have a flat feet (Pronate feet) though a large percentage of others will have feet with high arches ( or supinates ) . When the medial arches of the feet are symmetrical, structural balancing is achieved. If they are not, injuries then occur.

Imbalances can cause problems too

If you have an imbalance in the foot's arch, it will aggravate the weight bearing joints in the body and prevent a person from realizing maximum balance or maximum function of his structure. In such a situation, the subject becomes far more vulnerable to injury as also an acceleration of degeneration in the joints subjected to maximum stress.

Custom made orthotics can help such people to provide postural support, protection from heel-strike shock, and much needed comfort. When you complement this with walking or running shoes, you will benefit from the shoe-and-orthotic options available through the health care profession. As for styles, there are plenty, and will not be a cause for worry.


The concrete jungles that most of us have created around us, has robbed us of the benefits of unstable environments offered by natural grounds. The challenges to our bodies to keep them in good shape have dwindled as a result.

The barefoot action:

The inventor of a particular brand of shoes specifically for those suffering from back pain (MBT shoes) has narrated his experience. Accidentally, he had to walk bare foot through the paddy fields in South Korea and was surprised to see that the exercise had a tell tale effect on his back pain.

This encouraged him to study the Masai warriors ( a semi nomadic tribe ) from East Africa, who were able to walk long distances, barefoot on natural ground, every day with perfect posture , inspite of their incredible height. The results from the study culminated in the creation of the MBT shoes.

Benefits of these special shoes:

The attributes of these shoes (MBT) are that it lifts and aligns your body on it s center of gravity. This action in turn forces you to use the weakened muscles. With every step, the body lengthens and tightens increasing the blood circulation and your strength is regained.

Depending on individual problems, you can also find other types of shoes that prevent back pain.

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