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Physical therapy for herniated disc T5 T6

Many types of diseases and disorders attack a human body and the most damaging and painful disorders of them all are the spine injury or damage.

Human being's spinal column consist of 24 vertebrae and this is again divided into the cervical spine consisting of seven vertebrae, the thoracic spine consisting of 12 vertebrae and the lumbar spine with five vertebrae. The spine has a base bone called sacrum and situated at the end of the sacrum is the coccyx.

What is called a disk otherwise known as shock absorbing cushion is situated between each vertebrae pair. The 23 discs which start from the second and third neck vertebrae are named s C2-C3, T5-T6 and L4-L5. in these names the letter 'C' denoted cervical, 'T' means thoracic and the 'L' denotes lumbar and 'S' stands for sacrum. Damages to these disks might happen due to accidents, falls, weak muscles, weak supporting muscles and body mechanics. The discs outer layer tears or breaks open because of these injuries and disc herniation otherwise known as subligamentous.

Herniated disc occurs generally in the lower back or lumbar spine, and sometimes it affects the cervical and upper back spine called thoracic spine too. Herniated disks pressurize the nerve roots and hence causes a lot of pain and numbness in the affected area. The gel like substance inside the disc comes out and breaks the disc. Herniated disc disorders cannot be identified in normal x-rays so MRI or CT scan is required.

Herniated T5 T6 means the disorder or injury is done to the thoracic spine. Generally muscle relaxes and pain killers are administered as medicines for this injury. Physical therapy is the best way to treat herniated T5 T6 as no real medicine can cure this injury it can only suppress the pain and symptoms. In severe cases surgery is advised but not always. Complete bed rest along with physical exercises can reduce pain and give relief from numbness.

Walking and activities without too much straining can keep the pain at bay. Administering ice pack or hot pack on the affected area at least 3-4 times a day will relieve muscle tension and pain. Physiotherapy is by far the best treatment that can help with herniated disc disorders. Especially for T5 T6 disorders or injuries are very unbearable but it can be treated.

The unstable segment and the neutral zone can be controlled with proper physical therapy. This therapy increase mobility and allow the patient to walk, climb stairs etc freely. It can prevent disability, improve physical function and give balance to the affected area. The physical therapy should be concentrated on the muscles, bones, ligaments, nerves etc.

This therapy can be received in hospitals or out patient clinics and fitness centers. A good and experienced physical therapist should be chosen and it is always good to choose someone recommended by friends or relatives.

Health insurance companies and family physicians also might suggest good therapists who might do the best therapy for you. Check to find out if he is properly qualified for the job and if he has the necessary certification. Faulty therapy can lead to dangerous physical conditions and make the patient immobile. So care should be taken while selecting the best physical therapy for herniated disc t5 t6.

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