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Lower Bilateral Back Pain

Today's life style of everyman has become so fast and mechanical that man has forgotten that he has to take some rest in between his work. It is very important for everyone to take a break of at least five minutes after every one to one and a half hour, or one should at least change ones leg positions to avoid back problems.

The lower back pain especially the lower bilateral back pain has increased a lot among every one. This is because of the work posture adopted when doing the work. The work heights are not appropriate to the stature of the worker. The spine takes the shape of that like a bow when the heights of the work surface are lower than the elbow level. If proper care is not taken in the beginning you may suffer from severe lower bilateral back pain.

There are chances of several other injuries that one can experience due to the lower back pain. The muscles of the back become stiff and this lead to serious musculoskeletal problems. Once the muscles become stiff it becomes very difficult for one to move comfortably. Because of the lower bilateral back pain one can even suffer from cancer, knee problems, hip pain, suffer from arthritis and many other musculoskeletal disorders.

The basic symptoms of the lower bilateral back pain are many. To name a few, one can experience a pinching pain in the back that is both in the spinal cord, and the muscles around the lower back become stiff. It becomes difficult to stand up, if one is sitting for a long time and vise versa. The person cannot even sleep properly on his back. The joints of the lower body are affected.

In medical science there is no such medicine that can cure the lower bilateral back pain completely. Though there are medicines (pain killer tablets or injections) that can reduce the pain for time being, but cannot completely stop the pain for ever; on the other hand one can suffer from the side effects from the medication.

As soon as you experience any pain in your back it is better to approach an orthopedic doctor and take proper treatment from a physiotherapist. In the beginning stage physiotherapy can cure the back problem, but at the same time it is very important to take certain precautions to avoid further discomfort or injury in the back.

To avoid these problems you should have proper information about the type of work, the work place and the work surface provided to you to do the work. Check if the height of your chair, hand rest, seat back, foot rest, leg room and table height is proper and comfortable for you. If all these are appropriate to your stature there are less chances of health problems, injuries and discomfort and at the same time the output of the work is optimum.

To have the best result one should consider certain things so as to avoid physical problems. Thus assure breaks in between every hour, and even some light physical exercises during the breaks can keep you away from the lower bilateral back pain. So do this and enjoy healthy and happy work. Have a great day ahead.

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