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Are You Suffering Chronic pain under left rib cage and back

A problem for those suffering from chronic pain under left rib cage and back area is trying to figure out what is causing the pain.

Treating chronic pain in this area is a serious matter because of the constant pain and possibility of a very serious disease or other medical problem. The rig cage is made up of a sternum and ribs with the costal cartilage that attaches them together.

There is also the thoracic vertebrae that complete the rib cage. The term cage was used to identify this skeletal area because it looks similar to an animal cage. Instead of animal however, the rib cage houses the lungs and heart. The thoracic cage is another term used to describe this area of the body. In the thorax area there are nerves that come from the spine and split into two areas. One of the nerves continues up to the surface just under the skin. This nerve also continues around to the chest area. This nerve  would be a reason one would feel pain from the back and all the way to the side of the chest. The second nerve part follows a path underneath the rib, continues to the sternum area of the chest, then up to just below the skin, running back to the side. These nerve endings as you can tell can cause pain to travel to different parts of the rib cage area despite a different origination area.

Pain felt in the back and just under the left or even right side of the rib cage area can be caused by a couple of different reasons:

Cracked or fractured rib

To rule out a cracked or fractured rib you should get an x-ray of the area. If it is found that the pain is from a fractured or cracked rib, then depending on the severity, surgery may be necessary. Costochondritis is inflammation in the area of the breastbone caused by osteoporosis and pleurisy.   This inflammation can spread out from the back and through the arms causing one to feel as if they were having a heart or lung problem. Although this is painful it is not as life threatening as it may seem. Extended pain (usually around three months or more) should be cause for concern as the sufferer may have cancer, nerve damage or even a tumor. The use of an MRI, nerve test or even a CT scan can identify if any of these problems exist.

Sometimes the chronic pain under the left rib cage and back area may force you to seek a gastroenterology specialist, as the pain feels as if it comes from the stomach area. Some other symptoms you feel other than pain in your left side under your rib cage, is an empty feeling in your stomach and heartburn. A simple blood test can rule out any pancreas or intestinal infection. A visit to the gastroenterologist will also be able to rule out any bowel or digestive disorders. A colonoscopy will also be able to find out if the pain is caused by a twisted bowel.

For women who are pregnant you may also feel chronic pain under the left rib cage and back. These symptoms are very common and more often for those in the latter stages of their pregnancy. As in most cases always consult your Obstetrician especially when feeling pain during a pregnancy.

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