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What is the Best Home Remedy for Pinched Nerve on Neck

There are a lot of people today that like the idea of home remedies to help with what is ailing them.

They do this for the reason that the medications and drugs used today can have adverse effects on their bodies and chose to work with home remedies instead.

The nice part of home remedy medications is people can make them quickly and they are sure that what they have done is clean and the quality of the home remedy product is perfect.

When you suffer from pinched nerve on neck, one of the best things that you can do is to use a home remedy and we will find out shortly, when you start to compare it to other remedial treatments. But before we get into the different home remedies let us first find out what the pinched nerve on neck is really about. What we will learn is why and how this happens and some of the things that can help cure the problem.

Look to the internet for a home remedy for pinched nerve on neck

The internet and all the online resources are a great place to get information on all different types of subjects. Just the click of a finger on the mouse and the world wide web is at your finger tips. You can find the details of the disease that you are looking for and also the cure or remedy for the same disease. It is the information highway at its best.

One thing that you can find out on the internet are some holistic treatments. People find that holistic treatments are extremely safe. So now you can find all types of homeopathy, alternate therapies, holistic and alternate herbal treatment and much more. All of these can and will be explained in detail with just the click of the mouse.

What causes the pinched nerve?

Anyone who has suffered from a pinched nerve in their neck knows that the pain can be unbearable. What the doctors and the drugs try to do is only surpress the real problem. None of it actually tries to go after the natural cure for the problem.

There are other things that result from having a pinched nerve. You can develop depression, you could start to have excess stress that is unnecessary and your posture could change due to the pinched nerve on neck. Some other factors that are known to cause the problem is sometimes physical weakness that can be due to the lack of vitamins and some minerals. You could also be suffering from arthritis, nutritional food and balance in the body posture can all be causes.

Some other treatments to try

Whenever you have a pinched nerve or even a muscle pain, heat is the best thing. Taking a hot bath or even using hot water bottles on the affected area. A massage (especially a hot oil massage) have been known to work wonders. Just make sure that you do it smoothly and lightly. You can even take some oil on your fingers and pinch the nerve lightly between your fingers to find even more relief.

Something that works slowly over time is the calcium supplement. It has been known that a calcium deficiency can cause this health condition and even muscle pain. What you can do is to add some calcium supplement to your diet, and as mentioned can help this problem slowly over time.

The body can suffer all sorts of pains due to a high level of acidity in the body. What you have to try to do is to reduce of limit high acidic foods from your diet if you are suffering from pinched nerve. You can even add potassium to your diet. When your level of potassium in your body is low, it has been know to cause pain, one such thing as cramping of the muscles.

What can you do for the pain

Some foods that are rich in potassium are:

  • apricots
  • avocado's
  • bananas
  • beets
  • melons
  • dates
  • skimmed milk
  • figs
  • almonds
  • roasted peanuts
  • prunes
  • orange juice

Eating some if not all of these foods are one of the ways that home remedies for pinched nerve on neck can be cured. Some of the other ways to reduce acidity in your body are by eating:

  • cucumber
  • papaya
  • apple
  • water melon

You also want to have breakfast without fail. Make sure that you eat 2-3 hours before you go to sleep will also help with reducing acidity

One of the quick ways to get relief for pinched nerve on the neck is the home remedy. The home remedy for pinched nerve on neck is also one of the favorite ways for people to treat this problem. Because it is easy and is effective. So, whatever the home remedy, whether it be holistic or some other method, all that really matters is that the patient finds pain relief. This is what people prefer, pain relief.

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